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Why GINferno App?

  • Drink, Rate, Share your favourite Recipes and Cocktails

  • 100,000 Ratings. 10,000 Recipes. 1000+ Gin Mixers

  • Bombay Gin? Bombay Sapphire? Hendricks Gin? Monkey 47? we have them and the best recipes and gin cocktails to  drink them with

  • Virtual Tasting Rooms

  • Build and Share you “Perfect Serve”

  • Build your own bar with all your favourite in your cabinet 

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Verkostung in einer Box - ideal für die Geschenksaison

Die Tastings in the Box sind da! Wir stellen für Sie maßgeschneiderte Verkostungszutaten zusammen. Die Größe Ihrer Verkostungsbox bestimmen Sie selbst. Allein in 1+1, oder in 3+3, vielleicht in 4+4 oder sogar in 5+5 - oder sogar ein Vielfaches davon - stellen Sie Ihr Set zusammen.

Verwenden Sie die Degustationsbox als Geschenk - Sie können bis zu fünf Gin & Tonics in einem Geschenk verpacken.
Stellen Sie sich vor, jemand schenkt Ihnen das: Würden Sie nicht vor Freude tanzen?

Für Gin-Bastler 

Your gin & mixer in the GINferno app

We offer you different possibilities to promote your gin or mixer in the GINferno  app.

To show your gin the best possible way it would be great to get the relevant data package from you.

The linked document gives you an overview which data we need to present your gin completely: GINferno_Data_Package_Needed.pdf

If not all data is available it doesn’t matter at all.

Please send the package to and/or send the pictures per, etc. .


All for free! No costs!

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In our blog you can find out everything about our favourite gin and tonic! We show you the latest features in our app, report on events and give you insights into our Perfect Serves. By the way, you can expand your knowledge about Gin & Tonic. Have fun reading.


One Key Gin – Frank’s Gin Of The Week

One Key Gin – Frank’s Gin Of The Week

The One Key Gin is a New Western Gin with classic botanicals like cardamom and pepper, but also exotic botanicals like ginger, coriander and citrus. My girlfriend loves bottles with a special design. That's why we had to buy this gin 😁 only because of its appearance....

Andrés Gin Of The Week: The Plymouth Gin

Andrés Gin Of The Week: The Plymouth Gin

THE PLYMOUTH GIN in its pure form as Navy with proud Vol. 57%. Plymouth Gin was the only spirit made in England and one of only three gins in the world to carry a geographical indication certifying its traditional origin. In 2015, the owner of the distillery did not...

Jens’ Gin Of The Week: Mandarina gin

Jens’ Gin Of The Week: Mandarina gin

Mandarina gin Have you ever had the feeling of suddenly being somewhere else? Just through the unconscious perception of our senses?As soon as I open the bottle of Mandarina gin, the aromas of tangerine and other citrus fruits hit my nose. Immediately, images come to...

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