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Niemand (Nobody) is like you! This is the slogan used by the makers of the gin.

Like a spring walk through the forest and “Niemand” comes along… Floral, herbal, fruity and spicy.

Sebastian Otto and Torben Paradiek launched their start-up in 2014. Initially, the focus was not on distilling gin, but rather on refining gin and tonic with the help of botanicals. However, it quickly became clear that they should work on their own gin. No sooner said than done. Niemand Dry Gin has been produced by hand in small batches since 2015.
Ten different botanicals are used to create an exceptional aroma. These are juniper, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, apple, cinnamon, pine nuts, vanilla, ginger and coriander.

When poured, the gin immediately exudes its aroma and in the mouth there are subtle notes of juniper followed by floral and herbal notes such as lavender, rosemary and licorice. A light apple and ginger freshness is also noticeable. Cinnamon can also be found in the finish.
Niemand lingers on the palate for a pleasantly long time. Despite its 46%, it is surprisingly mild – the alcohol has been very well integrated. The alcohol is definitely good for the botanicals. With a lower alcohol content, the herbs and floral notes would certainly not come across so well.

I enjoy Niemand Dry Gin with the Elderflower Tonic Water from Fever-Tree. It harmonizes perfectly for my taste. Add a slice of apple and I have a perfect summer gin and tonic, because the fruity, floral notes are in the foreground.

In general, however, you can’t go wrong with an Indian tonic water or a Mediterranean tonic water. Everyone has their own preferences here. As always, it’s a matter of taste. So the key is to try it out for yourself.
There are also a few cocktail and long drink recipes on the Niemand Dry Gin website. Just take a look and let yourself be inspired. And don’t forget ⏩ Write your favorite recipe in the and rate Niemand Dry Gin.

Enjoy the day ⏩ Cheers!

Take a sip of this Gin now :

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