Gin Of The Week : HEIMAT Gin by Philipp

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HEIMAT Gin is a dry gin that is lovingly handcrafted and distilled. The three friends Marcel, Rouven and Raphael focus on herbs from the local meadows. As the distillery has been in the family for many generations, they started to deal with the topic of distillation early on. Their goal was to get an honest taste from their homeland into the black matte bottle. They rely on hand-picked botanicals such as fresh meadow sage, thyme and ribwort as well as apples and pears, all of which are harvested from the regional meadows. A total of 18 different botanicals find their way into the black earthenware bottle.

With its clearly perceptible characteristic taste, it clearly stands out from the crowd. The fresh apples provide a sweetness that is directly transformed into a Mediterranean note by the meadow herbs. In the aftertaste, the floral aromas intensify and provide a very pleasant soft finish.

HEIMAT Gin is best enjoyed neat or in combination with a classically tart tonic water. It also harmonises excellently with its Mediterranean character as a HEIMAT Mule or Gin Sour.

Enjoy this Gin now :

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