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Why GINferno App?

  • Drink, Rate, Share your favourite Recipes and Cocktails

  • 100,000 Ratings. 10,000 Recipes. 1000+ Gin Mixers

  • Bombay Gin? Bombay Sapphire? Hendricks Gin? Monkey 47? we have them and the best recipes and gin cocktails to  drink them with

  • Virtual Tasting Rooms

  • Build and Share you “Perfect Serve”

  • Build your own bar with all your favourite in your cabinet



Tasting in a box – ideal for the gift-giving season

The Tastings in the Box are here! We put together customised tasting ingredients for you. You decide the size of your tasting box yourself. Alone in 1+1, or in 3+3, perhaps in 4+4 or even in 5+5 – or even a multiple of these – you put together your setting.

Use the tasting box as a gift – you can wrap up to five gin & tonics in one gift.
Imagine if someone gave you this as a gift: wouldn’t you dance for joy?

For gin crafter 

Your gin & mixer in the GINferno app

We offer you different possibilities to promote your gin or mixer in the GINferno  app.

To show your gin the best possible way it would be great to get the relevant data package from you.

The linked document gives you an overview which data we need to present your gin completely: GINferno_Data_Package_Needed.pdf

If not all data is available it doesn’t matter at all.

Please send the package to and/or send the pictures per, etc. .


All for free! No costs!

14 + 12 =




In our blog you can find out everything about our favourite gin and tonic! We show you the latest features in our app, report on events and give you insights into our Perfect Serves. By the way, you can expand your knowledge about Gin & Tonic. Have fun reading.


Gin Of The Week: Fireship 58

Gin Of The Week: Fireship 58

FireShip 58 Today's GOTW comes from Tim from Lower Kingswood in Surrey UK. FireShip 58 is the Navy Strength gin, distilled in small batches in the London Dry method using vapour infusion to extract a complex, full-bodied flavour from the blend of botanicals from...

Lubas Gin Of The Week: Gin Sul Dry

Lubas Gin Of The Week: Gin Sul Dry

Gin Sul Dry Today I would like to introduce you to a gin that I came across when I started my gin experience. The GIN SUL Dry Gin! Right from the first serve straight, the brilliant orange note of the Portuguese oranges from the Atlantic coast blew me away!I also...

About us

A good gin impresses with its botanicals, which give it its unique aroma. But what ingredients do you need to develop perhaps the best gin & tonic app in the world? You take a group of good friends, Swabian inventiveness, some gin & tonics and a lot of passion. Give the child the name “GINferno” and the app is born, at least almost. That’s more or less how the genesis of GINferno can be described.

The eight friends have now become entrepreneurs who spend every spare minute developing the app. And they have already come up with many new ideas…

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