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Gin Tasting Boxes

Check our some of the best Gin Tasting Boxes here in the market.

Tasting Box REPLAY

Freedom for the scheduling of your GINferno Gintasting! Take advantage of our individual GINferno tasting sets that are easy on your schedule. We will send you a package with your desired size. You get the garnishes after the Perfect Serves from the GINferno app and choose your own time and place for the online tasting.
When you are “in the mood”, you create the Perfect Serve according to the recipes from the GINferno app and enjoy the Gin&Tonic.
You can then access the interview videos with the gin producers and gin designers online.
Experience, enjoy and have fun!

Tasting Box SURPRISE

The gift idea for GINferno fans and Gin&Tonic lovers.
Make gifts or give yourself a present.