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With GINferno, find the top recipes to mix your favorite gin with tonic water of your choice.


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What’s your Gin Drink for today?


With Ginferno, finding your favorite gin cocktails is easier than you think. Find out below what makes us the best gin and tonic app in the marketplace.

  • Drink, Rate, Share your favourite Recipes and Cocktails
  • 100,000 Ratings. 10,000 Recipes. 1000+ Gin Mixers
  • Bombay Gin? Bombay Sapphire? Hendricks Gin? Monkey 47? we have them and the best recipes and gin cocktails to  drink them with
  • Virtual Tasting Rooms
  • Build and Share you “Perfect Serve”
  • Build your own bar with all your favourite in your cabinet

What Makes Ginferno the Best Gin and Tonic Recipes App?

We are one of the top most rated Gin and Tonic app on both AppStore and PlayStore. People love us for our gin collection.

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Tasting in a box – ideal for the gift-giving season

The Tastings in the Box are here! We put together customised tasting ingredients for you. You decide the size of your tasting box yourself. Alone in 1+1, or in 3+3, perhaps in 4+4 or even in 5+5 – or even a multiple of these – you put together your setting.

Use the tasting box as a gift – you can wrap up to five gin & tonics in one gift.
Imagine if someone gave you this as a gift: wouldn’t you dance for joy?

For gin crafter

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Your gin & mixer in the GINferno app

We offer you different possibilities to promote your gin or mixer in the GINferno  app.

To show your gin the best possible way it would be great to get the relevant data package from you.

The linked document gives you an overview which data we need to present your gin completely: GINferno_Data_Package_Needed.pdf

If not all data is available it doesn’t matter at all.

Please send the package to info@ginferno.app and/or send the pictures per www.wetransfer.com, etc. .


All for free! No costs!

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AppStore and PlayStore Reviews

Find why our users love the ginferno app and what makes it the best gin tonic app in the world

Lovely App

Lovely app and professional staff I would like to invite all to use this app because it really helps

- Aristel Halili

Keeping track of my Gin

For keeping tracks of my gin collection I recently started using GINferno. And besides already having a very large selection of gins available I also contacted GINferno about a missing gin in their database. Within a couple of days I was in contact with them and it got added quickly

- RoYaLAssaSSin66

Best App in Any Town

You are at a Gin party, you have friends waiting for awesome drinks, everyone is clueless when your friend who mixes Gin-tail ditches you!! Enter GINFERNO 🍸 I couldn’t ask for a better app to the rescue, they have the best recipes, they have the best suggestions for gin. The app is so smooth, interactive, user friendly and most important one stop shop. Thank you for making our lives easy!

- ShilRao


This App is amazing to find out all about New Gins

- MR1751

Great App

Great app! Plus point for the ability to add your own mixes and evaluate them from the community. This app should have much more visibility, so as to create more combinations and reviews

- Federico Gasparini

Super useful

The app is very good, but they have various details of performance, ui, ux and translations. I recommend you to work with a qa and a ux/ui to be able to solve them. I find it super useful, but those details hinder the use a bit.

- Antonela Néspoli

We are the Editor’s Choice

People love Gin Tonic and editors find us the perfect place to get their drinks ready. Check what below what some greatest gin magazines and blogs think about us.



In our blog you can find out everything about our favourite gin with tonic! We show you the latest features in our app, report on events and give you insights into our Perfect Serves. By the way, you can expand your knowledge about Gin & Tonic. Have fun reading.


Andrés Gin Of The Week: The Plymouth Gin

Andrés Gin Of The Week: The Plymouth Gin

The Plymouth Gin in its pure form as Navy with proud Vol. 57% The Plymouth Gin proudly claims "Wherever you are on your gin journey, there is no better place to start than Plymouth." Founded in 1793, Plymouth has an experience record that can put many connoisseurs to...

About us

A good gin impresses with its botanicals, which give it its unique aroma. But what ingredients do you need to develop perhaps the best gin & tonic app in the world? You take a group of good friends, Swabian inventiveness, some gin & tonics and a lot of passion. Give the child the name “GINferno” and the app is born, at least almost. That’s more or less how the genesis of GINferno can be described.

The eight friends have now become entrepreneurs who spend every spare minute developing the app. And they have already come up with many new ideas…

Gin Gin,
André, Florian, Frank, Harry, Holly, Jens, Philipp, Ralf

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