Gin Of The Week : Exploring Dry Bene Gin by Laura

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Dry Bene Gin

Back to the roots, with a little twist…

Dry Bene Gin goes back to what gin originally was: a clear distillate with juniper in the foreground, followed by fresh citrus fruits and a light earthy note of angelica and orris roots. Pulling the copper-colored cork out of the bottle immediately reveals this unique bouquet to the connoisseur.
And then comes the twist that makes Dry Bene Gin stand out from the crowd of classic gins: a blend of fruity sweetness, tart herbs, subtle floral notes and a touch of exotic spice. It is reminiscent of an early morning in a monastery garden.

The taste is unmistakable. The composition of this gin is dedicated to the work of the Benedictine monks in their gardens and with their distillates. Their careful handling of the products of nature, their knowledge of the aromas and healing properties of the plants and their art of clean and careful distillation.

Dry Bene Gin is made to be versatile. Try your favorite mixer – it’s sure to be a perfect match.

What could be more fitting for this Easter Monday? Cheers!!😊

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