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Brüderlich Gin

Brüderlich (fraternal) Gin: “Fraternal” is a feeling, a lifestyle where friends are family and family is also friends. It stands for adventure, loving life, sharing stories – arriving. “fraternal” lets you make plans, enjoy the here and now and reminisce. This is how the producer describes his gin.

It’s an excellent gin that gives off a great note of juniper berries as soon as you open it. I smell juniper and citrus notes, which also perceives the tongue. In addition, there are nuances of herbs and floral elements, which are due to the rosemary.

After the tire change, I treat myself to a well-deserved glass of gin!
With me without ice cubes but cooled with metal cubes, “Without it does not work for me”.
I enjoy the Brüderlich Gin with a tasty Aqua Monaco Tonic and fresh rosemary – delicious!
But the gin also works fruity / tart with a Mediterranean Tonic, raspberries and blueberries. Currently with me still from my own garden. Cheers!”

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