André’s Gin Of The Week – Kaiza 5 Blue Gin

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Kaiza 5 Blue Gin

From the south of Africa to the south of Germany.

Who knows the Kaiza 5 will love the Kaiza 5 BLUE, I claim.
A real summertime gin, which truly deserves this epithet. Its royal blue color gets this gin from the blueberry.

From the first impression, the seductive freshness of the white elderflower delights the senses. Skillfully combines with exotic notes of dragon fruit and the gentle sweetness of the blueberry to a fruity-floral
taste experience.

I don’t want to tout any particular tonic myself. It should be a Mediterranean to my taste with Kaiza 5 Blue Gin, and as always, plenty of ice. Mixed in a good ratio of gin and tonic.
And thus the angelica root and juniper also gets its money’s worth.

Produced and Bottled in Cape Town, South Africa.

Have a great weekend 🌞🥃

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