André’s Gin Of The Week – SNOWO 365 Schwetzingen Dry Gin

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SNOWO 365 Schwetzingen Dry Gin

Wow, where do I start? With the useful basic knowledge!

In Europe, a gin can only be called ‘Gin’ if it contains at least 37.5%.
This fantastic gin from SNOWO Distillers GmbH therefore has nothing to hide at 47%.

Everyone can follow the story behind the gin in a great video on the manufacturer’s website. So let me move on to what makes “it” special.
I am a lucky winner of one of the first thousand bottles since SNOWO was founded. And what exactly makes the gin? A lot of manual work!

The bottles of SNOWO 365 Schwetzingen Dry Gin are sprayed by hand and are somewhat sensitive to scratches. Test them in an invisible place or simply look at the hand-written label. The cap, wow, blackened by hand. How do I know that? I can only say a big THANK YOU to Alwina and the interesting phone calls leading up to this great Gin of the Week.
But feel free to check out the manufacturer’s website or Instagram-Account for even more information about SNOWO.

I could go on and on about gin cocktails, different varieties and everything that goes with them.
But, whether it’s Negroni, Old Tom, Gin Fizz, Tom Collins, &&& Gin is one of the most important ingredients for many great cocktails.

What makes this gold award-winning SNOWO 365 Schwetzingen Dry Gin Gin so special…😊!

As befits me, a gin fan with a whisky background, I have a matching nosing glass. I used it to test this fantastic SNOWO 365 Schwetzingen Dry Gin pure and in proper style. I can still say WOW, what a feeling of happiness. The juniper berry unfolds in a fine note, followed by balanced citrus tones and intense, non-intrusive cinnamon and cardamom spice. This is followed by the floral influence of clove and star anise.

I was also lucky enough to get enough information directly from the producer. The botanicals are indeed regional and from their own garden.
Spoiler: Make sure you also try the Backyard Gin from SNOWO. This gin has its name for a reason. But I won’t reveal any more yet. You’ll find out in another Gin of the Week or you can try it yourself first 😄.

I myself would recommend this gin with an Indian tonic. Personally, I’m a Mistelhain fan. But as you can hopefully see, I also tested a Fever-Tree and gave Double Dutch a try.

The garnish: I was very playful here with grapes and passion fruit. Since not all gin lovers necessarily like star anise, I myself can only recommend it.

Cut the grapes in half and allow a little time to pass before adding the passion fruit. passion fruit is added. Then, with both garnishes, enjoy the visual louch effect for the eye, which is further proof of the quality of this great gin.

I can also imagine using this top-class gin for sophisticated cocktails with great, high-quality ingredients. Whether a classic Dry Martini, Negroni or a gin & tonic. It’s up to you. Don’t miss out on this pleasure.

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