Andrè’s Gin Of The Week – Woinemer ORIGIN LUPUS Gin

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Woinemer is a small, fine home brewery in Weinheim, Germany. which also has two gins in its range. The Woinemer ORIGIN IBUS and the Woinemer ORIGIN LUPUS Gin presented today.
They also have their own perfectly matching tonic in their range. Really great.

About the ORIGIN LUPUS: I was sceptical about plum at first, but the WOW effect was all the greater! I’ve even gone so far as to say that this G&T doesn’t need a garnish.

My recommendation; As always, lots of ice, approx. 5cl GIN and 15 cl tonic.
If you do want to try a garnish, I recommend a little pepper and a grapefruit or physalis. Why not also papaya or mango. Feel free to try it out and leave us your favourite serve in the Ginferno app.

Gin Gin!

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