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Yesterday the main days of carnival began with the Weiberfasnacht 🤠👹🤡. In the south of Germany they say Fasnet, Fasching or Fasnacht.

A foolish time, in which I am very much on the road to just have fun 🥳.
But on the street carnival or street fasnet such a G&T glass is very impractical. How nice that you still do not have to do without the G&T. because some manufacturers now have finished G&T in the can. The selection in the supermarket around the corner is not particularly large but I could find a few varieties.
Now they are cooled and waiting to go with me on the party marathon that lasts until next Tuesday.

I will gladly report to you afterwards whether this is actually an alternative for the road.

Are you a fan of the fifth season?
What do you dress up as? Send us the appropriate emojy as commentar ‍🥷🦄🧜‍♀️🐝🧙‍♂️🐻…

In this sense, all fools, carnivalists and party people among you a blissful Fasnet, Kölle Alaaf, Narri-Narro and Helau.

Try this Gin now –

Try this Gin now –

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