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KUUSI Dry Gin  – As one smells into the forest, so it sounds out: “Kuusi!”

KUUSI Dry Gin – The private label of Austria’s No. 1 wine merchant Wein & Co.

Kuusi means “spruce” in Finnish. A fitting name for this great gin with spruce needles. It is joined by oak bark, forest honey, allspice and of course juniper. These great botanicals meet the Austrian Gelber Muskateller from Markus Huber in the beautiful Traisen Valley.

Traisen Valley

I received the gin from a dear friend and realized it wasn’t even in our app yet. Of course, I changed that right away.

Opening the bottle, I’m met with a fresh grassy herbal blend with citrus undertones.

In the app he is now to find but of course still without Perfect Serve. Therefore, I test the Kuusi today with a Thomas Henry Tonic Water + lemon. The next attempt will then be a Mistelhain Ambition to rather tickle out the citrus notes.

To me, the classic variant already tastes very tasty. The woody notes are very nicely highlighted.

Do you know the KUUSI Dry Gin? With which tonic can you recommend it? Or do you know a great KUUSI Dry Gin cocktail recipe? Tell us about it in the comments.

KUUSI Dry Gin cocktail

You will find information about Kuusi Dry Gin on the Ginferno website or app and of course you can also find information on the manufacturer’s website:

“Cheers!” or as the Finn says “Kippis!”

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