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Checking the aesthetic box

We’re all guilty of trying something out because it looked great. Add One Key Gin to the list of your aesthetic experiments because at the very outset, it exudes sophistication and a promise of something classy.

I tried it out because my girlfriend loved the bottle with a special design – there’s a key at the bottom of the bottle which you turn to open the bottle. In fact, the apparatus doesn’t even look like a bottle at a first glance – it’s just a cuboid with no evident opening. You have to find the key and figure out the opening procedure.

Its an innovative way of presenting a drink with a subtle element of intrigue. The technique does its job and makes One Key Gin one of its kind, specifically in terms of appearance. The royal blue packaging sure makes for a tempting sight, and makes to the list of ‘something you must try at least once’.

One Key Gin packaging
Impressive packaging

Tasting One Key Gin

One Key Gin is a New Western Gin produced in Slovenia. It features some classic botanicals like cardamom, juniper and pepper, and also some exotic botanicals like ginger, coriander and citrus. Personally, I’m not a big fan of “vegetables” in my gin. After all, its the raw and naturally strong taste that sets gin apart from the rest of alcoholic beverages, not the flavors.

There are some brands that experiment with the natural strength of the drink and mellow it down to cater to diverse tastes. I’ve remained a fan of its original form. Therefore I drink One Key Gin without a garnish, just with Mistelhain Signature Tonic Water. But this one also tastes great with a Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. You can make your combination based on how strong or how flavored you prefer it to be.

Celebrate with it

One key gin 
One key gin tonic
Its a party animal!

One Key Gin is ideally featured in a party setup. It is more ideal for celebration or partying than it is for an isolated, insightful getaway on the countryside. Combine it with some incredible, popping party food with some dancing and celebration and you have yourself a grand treat. One Key Gin review is always better when the taste of it is combined with some fun experience.

You can easily pick One Key Gin for your next party and it makes for an ideal choice also because of the featured botanicals. The strong tangerine taste could throw off unseasoned drinkers originally – but this one is much less likely to do so. Its safer to include One Key Gin on your party shopping list without the fear of throwing off your guests with something too strong.

Commendable roots

Slovenia has its share of credit for creating amongst the best alcoholic beverages in Europe, specifically gin. In fact, Slovenian gin has been distinctly named the best in Europe. Slovenians know their way around alcoholic drinks from craft beer, world class wine and award winning gins. You can trust them to have experimented well and delivered a worthwhile product for gin lovers. After all, we’re harder to please and our options are comparatively limited. When a good one comes around, we cherish it.

Making it to the ‘must try’ list!

One Key Gin sure makes for a notable addition to your bar cabinet. If you’ve been a fan of gin, make sure you don’t miss out on this fancy option. The botanicals could be a little intriguing but hey, we’re all in for the right kind of experimentation. Pick that cuboid, turn its interesting little key, get well into the weekend and enjoy One Key Gin.

Try One Key Gin:

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