Philipp’s Gin of the Week: Aura Karbun Gin from the beautiful Istria

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Aura Karbun Gin well had recognitions coming its way

I wonder if you’ve even heard of this beautiful place, Istria. I bring the Aura Karbun Gin from this beautiful peninsula from Europe and the rather unique experience associated with it. Istria is a part of three countries – Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and gin from here embodies the best of three worlds. It is commonly recognized as a Croatian product as the distillery is located at the Croatian part of Istria. And it is one beautiful experience you can have while holidaying in Croatia.

Aura Karbun Gin from Istria
Aura Karbun Gin

The ethos of Istria

Istria Riviera is in fact the most visited part of Croatia. The gin from the place makes a great company for travelers who arrive from around the globe to get a taste of the peninsula’s hospitality and scenic beauty. On our Ginferno team holiday last summer to Croatia, I discovered that the Aura Karbun gin is an embodiment of the location’s ethos.

Aura Karbun gin embodies and accentuates the scenic ethos of Istria
Aura Karbun gin embodies and accentuates the scenic ethos of Istria

The distillery is located in Istria which makes for a great pit stop during your exploration of the place. We learnt here that with its name, Aura Karbun Gin alludes to the Croatian term for coal. The reason? The gin from Croatia is filtered through activated charcoal during the distillation. Activated charcoal is also supplied as a ‘Botanical’. From processing to taste and after taste, this one is completely and unapologetically made of Croatian spirit.

Reminiscing about the trip with this gin in hand is transporting us back to the beaches in the warm summer. The taste is a memory of the complete experience encapsulated in a sip. I’d confidently state that if there is a gin that transports you to its place of origin, its this one. Put Istria on your travel bucket list and do not miss out the distillery. It is certainly worth the hype.

The laurels came searching

Croatian beverages have their way of finding themselves on the list of best spirits of the world and winning prestigious titles. Aura Karbun gin is no exception. In 2021, it was awarded gold at the prestigious World Spirits Awards. Mišel Sirotić, the Owner and Director of Aura Karbun expressed that he had tried and experimented with different flavors and tastes through production variants and combination of spices before he arrived at one. He was delighted that he had done it right.

Aura Karbun was awarded gold at the World Spirits Awards
Aura Karbun was awarded gold at the World Spirits Awards

The Aura distillery holds to its name many more awards and recognitions, thanks to its range of products. They have a lot of domestic acclaim and are clearly a local favorite too. You can read more about their journey here.

Setting itself apart

Aura Karbun gin does what gin does best and goes further. Activated carbon is an active ingredient known well for its detoxifying abilities. Aura Karbun employs it in its distillation process and as an important component in consumption as well. It is an elegant and natural beverage with a warm taste and a hint of ginger that lingers on. You can also taste juniper berries, wormwood, orange and lemon peel, cloves, caraway, mugwort and aniseed. The perfectly balanced taste that is equally strong and refreshing has well deserved the recognitions that came its way.

Coming from a family that knows its technique with the production of beverages, Aura Karbun gin is an easy achiever. The natural ingredients that make for great taste combined with the complete experience of Croatia make for a choice that you’ll not regret. Put the ingredients for a cocktail together and sip your way away to Istria.

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