Andrés Gin Of The Week: Blackwoods Gin

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Blackwoods Gin from Scotland

Blackwood Distillery is a Scottish distillery founded in July 2002 with the aim of building the first Scotch whisky distillery in Shetland.
Products include Muckle Flugga whisky, Jago’s cream liqueur and Blackwoods gin and vodka.

The Blackwoods gin is very special. Each bottle is a little different, influenced by the availability of botanicals in Shetland.
Due to the high alcohol content of 60%, this gin has a silky soft finish that lasts for a long time. But be careful, it can be dangerous!
It consists of typical Scottish floral aromas such as thrift and marigold. The whole gin is rounded off by the freshness of the citrus notes

We enjoy the Blackwoods Gin today with Mistelhain Signature and Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Not a gin for every day, but always perfect for a special occasion.

Can’t wait to go out at night, meet some friends for a gin tonic and see you again.

Check Blackwoods Gin on our website: Blackwoods 2017 Vintage Dry Gin 60%

Ratings of Blackwoods 2017 Vintage Dry Gin 60% :

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