Todd’s Gin Of The Week: Broken Heart gin

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Broken Heart gin is as much a story as it is a beverage

You’ll know from the very go that the Broken Heart gin will have a story, most likely a sad one. No mystery there, your guess is absolutely right. We’ve all associated alcoholic beverages with elevated emotions and assumed they heighten our senses and make us feel harder. This one, while doing all that, comes with its own compelling back-story that adds volume to the brand identity.

The interesting packaging that is a clear bottle engraved with a misshapen heart is a good start to the Broken Heart gin experience. The packaging sets the tone that the gin is perhaps best for a isolated evening with yourself or your loved one, where you can savor the intricacies of your life along with the drink.

Broken Heart gin
Broken Heart gin

The story

The Broken Heart gin was born from the memory of a beloved life lost.

Joerg and Bernd were the best of friends who shared a passion for perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavors. Both of them were Germans who met in South of New Zealand and carried out their experiments in Queenstown. This fantastic gin, then unnamed, was developed and perfected by them over a course of three years.

Sadly, however, before they could introduce their creation to the world together, Bernd fell unexpectedly ill and soon passed away. Joerg underwent a phase of great difficulty dealing with the loss. Eventually, on the path of healing, he decided that the void was to be filled by the creation they had made together and channeled his energy towards establishing the brand. He hasn’t turned back since, and has marketed the gin in his best friend’s memory that can well be claimed as the most perfect tribute.

Broken Heart gin - Joerg
Joerg, who perfected the Broken Heart gin in memory of Bernd

You can watch Joerg’s stories linked here.

A fantastic beverage

Broken Heart gin sure comes with a compelling back story but that’s not all it is about. Joerg is man who means business with his spirits. His distillery is located in Queenstown, New Zealand where a range of spirits are distilled alongside Broken Heart. All the spirits at the distillery are created with the purest water sourced directly from Paradise in the Mt Aspiring National Park. And the gin range is made using locally sourced organic fruit. Joerg gives attention to sustainability too, as each bottle is sustainably hand produced.

Gin Garden where Broken Heart gin is distilled
Gin Garden distillery

This spectacular Broken Heart dry gin has been created with the landscape of Central Otago Summer in mind with an intricate balance of eleven botanicals that is harmonized by locally grown lavender. It has a intriguing flavor profile. Different garnishes bring out different flavors in the gin, which means you can feel free to try out new things with it. The most obvious serve is with a wedge of orange to bring out the citrus profile. Or you can make things a bit more zesty with Lemon peel or change it up completely and serve it with strawberries.

The accolades came hunting too

During 2019, Broken Heart Gin was awarded the prestigious New Zealand Spirit Awards Gold and multiple Silver Medals. The product can be found in 19 countries and now even has a dedicated tasting center. The the Broken Heart brand has also now expanded its range to 12 different products including Rum, Whisky and Vodka. The success of the product has been validated time and again with recognition from different entities. Most recently, Broken Heart won the Best New Zealand London Dry at the World Gin Awards 2021, Double Gold at the New York’s 50 Best 2021 and the Double Gold at the NZ Spirit Awards 2020.

Friendship and the memory of a beloved friend truly has been a game changer for the gin community here at Broken Heart!

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