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Ralf’s Words on the Glacier Gin

Ralf’s gin of the week and it’s his favorite Glacier Gin. But why Glacier Gin, we ask and here’s what he had to tell us. Read below for more amazing facts!

During the production of the Glacier Gin, three goals were focused on: to make the perfect gin for gin and tonic, to reduce the risk of a hangover and to design a handsome, dignified bottle that does justice to this special drink.
I would like to test that for you today …

Let’s start with the dignified bottle …
The shapely matt white bottle with the shiny print of the clean and pure water of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier is an eye-catcher. Therefore, from my point of view, this project has definitely succeeded.

Now let’s taste it…
A fresh and clear scent which is paired with juniper, coriander and lemon reaches your nose.
Today I choose the Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water and, on the other hand, the Mistelhain Signature Tonic Water, each with a lemon wedge.
Both combinations absolutely work for me.
All goal are 100% achieved and I am already looking forward to the next G&T.

Well to be honest, I can’t say anything about
the hangover yet….

Finally, it should be said that the Glacier Gin also carries a serious message. Take global warming seriously!

Cheers your Ralf from GINferno!

Company: Glacier spirits ehf

The inventors of the Glacier Gin had three main goals in mind during the initial production and product development: They wanted to produce the perfect gin for GinTonic, reduce the risk of a hangover and design a handsome, dignified bottle that does justice to this special drink.

After a year of elaboration, you have now brought this unique gin onto the market, which, according to them, fulfills all three goals.

For the perfect gin and the harmonious interaction with the unique Icelandic water, the inventors decided on five handpicked botanicals that make the Glacier Gin extraordinary and sensual: juniper berries, coriander seeds, dandelion, lemon and bergamot

The interaction of all ingredients results in this high-quality premium gin, which is ideally suited for gin and tonic


The ingredients we use for Glacier Gin have been carefully selected to ensure high quality and delicious taste. Each ingredient has an important purpose in what is Glacier Gin.

The Main Ingredient

The Icelandic water is one of the cleanest and purest water in the world. The water that is used in Glacier Gin has been calmly filtering through lava for the last centuries. The water has a natural high pH value that is ideal for creating a pure Gin.

Juniper Berries

The Juniper berries give Glacier Gin that “gin” flavor.


Bergamot adds to the freshness of Glacier Gin.


The Lemon peel represents the sunny summer nights of Iceland

Coriander Seeds

The Coriander Seeds add a little spice to Glacier Gin and they represent the volcanoes in Iceland. 


The Dandelion flower is the ingredient that ties everything perfectly together. This beautiful flower grows by the glaciers during Icelandic summers.


The idea of Glacier Gin was born in early 2018 when two friends and gin masters decided to make a gin that was inspired by the beauty of the Icelandic Glaciers.

After endless experiments the recipe had been mastered using only five delicious ingredients. The purity of the gin originates in the Icelandic water, one of the purest and cleanest in the world.

The smooth and delicious flavour comes from Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Lemon, Bergamot and last but not least Dandelion flowers.

Early in the process Rúrik Gíslason, a player for the Icelandic National team of football and an old friend of Fannar and Halli joined the Glacier Gin team. Just hours after coming back from the World Cup of football they met by chance and started discussing the idea of making a gin together. 

Rúrik fell in love with the the product and idea and saw the opportunity to share the purity of Icelandic nature with the world. Icelanders have been recognised for their strong mentality by demonstrating success in sports despite being a small nation.

Glacier Gin is a product of this mentality, we believe we have made one of the best gins in the world and we want to share it with you.


Everyone at Glacier Gin loves the outdoors and the raw nature in Iceland. We try to take every opportunity go and explore the glaciers in Iceland with a camera and and share the stunning nature with the world. 

Our mission is to share the magic of the Icelandic water and the beauty of Icelandic nature with the world. We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do.

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