Philipp’s Gin Of The Week: Harahorn Gin

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Harahorn Gin

016 I was on a business trip to Oslo. While I was waiting for my flight back to Germany I did stroll through the duty free shop. Who doesn’t? That’s when I first came in contact with the Harahorn Gin. Probably it was the bottle that drew my attention first. What can I say… I bought it!

I quickly found my personal perfect serve for this gin. It’s the Fever-Tree Mediteranean Tonic and blueberry as garnish. Since then it has been one of my personal top 5 favorite gins with its fruity, berry and fresh taste.
It was definitely worth the money!

Back then it was not possible to get the Harahorn gin in Germany. Therefore, I always had to ask colleagues traveling to Oslo to get me one whenever I was running into a stock out situation 😉. Luckily this situation changed and it became a lot easier to get the gin in Germany. Harahorn is now also available here in well-stocked specialist shops such as @wacholderexpress.

Let the weekend beGIN!

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