Jens’ Gin Of The Week: The ecstatic Mandarina gin

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Mandarina gin from Germany made it to our list this week

Mandarina gin knows exactly what gin connoisseurs look for when you open a bottle of gin. It begins with an intense grasp of the senses with a blast of citrus smell and taste, and eases the grasp to slowly leave you free. Its like being right where you stood, but not really. Like the senses are heightened and lightened at the same time. Like you can feel every last cell of your body, but can’t put a finger on it. If you know you know, yes?

‘Sure you’ll handle it?’

Arguably, love for gin is an acquired taste that not everyone can handle well. The strong aroma that precedes the strength of the drink can throw you off the first time. It sure is an indication of the considerable alcohol content in the drink which leaves a bitter and strong, lingering taste – perhaps a little too strong for beginners. But the acquired taste can be greatly fulfilling once you get used to the intensity of the flavor and the unyielding sensation of draining it down.

Seasoned drinkers of gin are proudly elite when it comes to alcoholic beverages. You either put it down to never pick it back up after one drink, or you’re a gin fanatic for life. Even marketers went with hard-hitting sentences like ‘I have ginned’ or ‘home is where gin is’ because there’s the idea of projected elitism with a taste for gin – because apparently not everyone can handle it.

In comes Mandarina gin

The Henrich distillery from Hessen (Germany) has created a gin that abducts us, seduces us and sets us free. Everything that gin is known and preferred for, Mandarina gin does well. A user writes – “As soon as I open the bottle of Mandarina gin, the aromas of tangerine and other citrus fruits hit my nose. Immediately, images come to mind: many small tangerine trees on a terrace in the evening sunshine at the lake shore. Pleasant murmurs of good-humored holiday guests talking animatedly about the past day. An animated, picturesque memory of a beautiful day.

This gives rise to longings that we will soon fulfil again – and Mandarina Dry Gin is the signpost for this. As a Gin & Tonic with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, it is my moment of relaxation and the joy of knowing that wherever I enjoy this Mandarina Dry Gin, it is beautiful.”

That checks all the quality check boxes and more. Mandarina gin has an effect of ‘carrying you away’ which apparently is a key indicator of any alcoholic beverage, more so of great gin. The signature tangerine smell and taste are on point with Mandarina. Despite the citric intensity of flavor and drink, Mandarina leaves a relaxed feeling which makes it perfect for both isolated and socializing moments. And its a great choice for a cocktail mix. Mandarina gin is available in the 41% alcohol standard online as well.

The acquired taste

The high percentage of alcohol, the strong and lingering taste and the aroma that initially throws you off-guard makes a lot of enthusiasts second guess gin. It’s an acceptable good idea to mellow it down and taste it, perhaps in the form of cocktail before going all in but the essence of gin and the acquired taste of it is its intensity. The feeling of it making its way down through what might be your oesophagus and engulfing the body and brain is what keeps people coming back to gin – and that’s how it must be allowed to consume you. There’ll be no regrets.

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