Mile High 69 Gin – Exclusive Gin Of The Week by André

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Mile High 69 Lovely Dry Gin

Where Does the Gin come from.

Behind Mile High 69 Gin is Julica Renn, a distiller and how could it be otherwise: a pilot. Julica combines her two great passions in Mile High 69 Gin: Flying and the love of great gin.

Julica and her family’s distillery is located in Hagnau on Lake Constance. The gin is produced entirely by hand and only in small batches of 1852 bottles each (in reference to the nautical mile with an altitude of 1852 meters).

First Impression

Mile High 69 Gin

The entire bottle is made of aluminum and has a super clean design. The surface appears to be brushed and is adorned with a simple logo on the front. Visually, this is already a highlight and this bottle definitely stands out on any gin shelf.

Interesting facts

The gin with sweet almond, lemon balm, elderberry, pine tip, kumquats and citrus fruits and many other botanicals has been a hit for several years now. A total of 19 botanicals find their way into the gin. The gin already won several international awards in 2018.

The production process involves no fewer than 69 steps. Only 1852 bottles are produced per batch.

Tasting of the Mile High 69 Gin

A clear note of juniper, followed by citrus, can be detected on the nose as soon as it opens. Elderberry is also perceptible. Overall, however, juniper and citrus dominate.

The Mile High 69 Gin is tested neat and at room temperature. The first impression from the nose continues. Overall, the gin is impressive and silky on its own. All in all, the gin makes an intense impression that will impress connoisseurs and connoisseurs of strong gins.

Matching tonics for Mile High 69 Gin

Two different tonics come directly from Lake Constance as a recommendation.

One is the in-house Mile High 69 Tonic “Classic” and the other is the Mile High 69 Tonic “Red Love”.

The Classic tonic is made with selected herbs to create an organic tonic. The “Red Love” tonic is also produced in organic quality and has a hint of apple and wild berries.

These tonics are not always readily available, as they are of course not available in every supermarket. For me, a classic Fever-Tree Mediterranean or Indian tonic works perfectly, depending on the desired sweetness and bitterness. However, a tart dry tonic is even better.

Cocktail love

Are you interested in more cocktail recipes with Mile High 69 Gin?

Take a look at the manufacturer’s homepage and find the right inspiration

Fun Fact

Thetford, Owen(1994) British Naval Aircraft
From MoD Photo – Thetford, Owen (1994) British Naval Aircraft since 1912, London: Putnam, S. p. 80
ISBN 0 85177 861 5, Gemeinfrei,

Do you know the legendary Mile High Club?

It may only exist in the vernacular, but it has been around for over 100 years. Anyone who has ever had sex on board an airplane belongs to the club. The first member was the US pilot Lawrence Sperry, who founded the Mile High Club in November 1916 using an autopilot of his own design.

Inspired by this world-famous Mile High Club, MILE HIGH 69® GIN promises an experience of a similarly special nature.

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