Ralf’s Gin Of The Week: Monaco Gin

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Monaco Gin

Monaco Gin Franze who lend this gin its name is a well known detective in a TV series 📺 from the 80s. Basically a cult figure 😉 played by Helmut Fischer whose face adorns the screw cap of the exceptionally well-designed bottle.

Special feature: The lid can be also used as measuring cup for 4cl if required, in order to ensure a perfect 1:3 G&T mixture 👌. We are impressed…!

But it’s not just the bottle that convinces me – the content is also a real stunner. Wacholder meets Bavaria. The Monaco Gin is not distilled with, but from juniper berries, you can smell and taste it directly. The juniper note is very dominant, thanks to other botanicals such as citrus fruits, ginger, lavender, coriander and angelica root, the whole thing is incredibly round. With its 45% ABW the Monaco Gin is at the same time strong, but has a nice and has a rather soft finish.

Pure (that’s why you see my nosing glass) a real pleasure and as G&T with Schweppes Indian Tonic Water – as it is also rated best in the GINferno app – a great combination.

I’m going to treat myself to a different tonic with the Monaco Gin – I’m already looking forward to it – what is your favorite Perfect Serve in combination with Monaco Gin?

Your Ralf from GINferno

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