Todd’s Gin of the Week: Naturbummler Gin that’s all things great

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Naturbummler Gin stands for everything gin is known best for

One of the strongest of alcoholic drinks, gin makes for an acquired taste thanks to its strong flavor and basic constitution of Juniper berries. The Naturbummler gin by Manukat checks every box that categorizes ‘amazing gin you must try’ and earns itself a place here.

The thing with gin is, each one of them comes with a distinct personality that goes well with specific tastes only. There are only a few that adapt to any occasion and taste. And there are some, like this one, that are true to the very definition of gin and are as natural as it gets.

I had the pleasure to introduce the Naturbummler Gin by Manukat to the gin tasting community during the Welcome 2022 Online Tasting. Since then, its been a part of my gin collection and my recommendation list. It has been a personal favorite for many reasons that I’ve elaborated upon here.

Naturbummler Gin
Naturbummler Gin

A feast to the senses

Make no mistake; it does smell like… yes, coniferous forests! Naturbummler gin has its origins in Germany and like all great gin, has the raw essence of natural ingredients. And so., I’m not exaggerating when I say it smells like coniferous forests when you pop the lid open and take a long breath in. There’s an intoxicating air around it that makes the tasting more appealing. I’m a fan of engulfing aromas, and that’s one massive point earned by Naturbummler gin at the very onset.

At the first sip, the aromas of coniferous wood and resin that lingered near my nose hit my taste buds too, and it feels like tasting the forests themselves. Excuse me if I sound dramatic, but that’s how, I believe, gin that stimulates your senses is savored. I also taste light notes of grasses and a hint of citrus in the finish. Awesome, perfectly balanced flavours.

Ways to savour Naturbummler gin

Naturbummler Gin cocktail
Manukar Naturbummler cocktail

This gin does not shy away from mixing with flavors. Go ahead and feel free to mix and match Naturbummler gin in difference cocktail forms. You can make your own recipes as suits your occassion and mood. My personal opinion is that this gin is perfect for a mood where you want to be transported somewhere away from yourself for moments of tranquil isolation. The flavors are familiar to seasoned gin drinkers and refreshing at the same time. With Mistelhains Trend Tonic, the Naturbummler Gin becomes a natural spectacle!

A creative presence

You cannot make a mark unless you’re a great story alongside your product efficiency.

Naturbummler gin is an impressive brand alongside being a fantastic product. They are a creative presence in the alcohol market, interacting well with their customers through their online portals with interesting packaging, promised merchandize and giveaways. They stick to a brand voice that really speaks to their audience with ease. There’s a personality to this gin, and that’s why its a memorable one.

They make some creative posts on their Instagram profile that you can check out.

All with ease!

Naturbummler from Germany is easy to love. They don’t try too hard, nor do they miss out on any quality that a seasoned drinker might look for. Experience with Naturbummler feels light, easy and natural. If I have confidently dramatized my experience with it so much, you can conclude how well it has managed to impress me.

Grab a bottle from Manukat, dissolve in the aroma of the distant coniferous forests, be thrilled by the raw taste, mix and match and savor away!

You can get Naturbummler Gin from Manukat Naturbummler Gin.

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