Florian’s Gin Of The Week: Quarantini Social Dry Gin

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Quarantini Social Dry Gin

What better than to dedicate a gin to the current situation, the Quarantini Social Dry Gin!

On the road I am always on the lookout for new gins and so I have already become aware of #quarantinisocialdrygin the summer last year. The idea to support a bar with each bottle sold, is ingenious.

The gin is not only social, but with its fruity taste of papaya, bergamot and bitter orange incredibly refreshing. I prefer to enjoy it with a lemon zest and a Thomas Henry tonic.

In addition to the Original, there is now a Virgin variant and a Barrel Aged Gin for barrel aging enthusiasts. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be supporting your bar with each one! GinGin

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