Andrés Gin Of The Week: The Plymouth Gin

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The Plymouth Gin in its pure form as Navy with proud Vol. 57%

The Plymouth Gin proudly claims “Wherever you are on your gin journey, there is no better place to start than Plymouth.” Founded in 1793, Plymouth has an experience record that can put many connoisseurs to shame and they proudly profess that they never stop experimenting. Their distillation process is ‘centuries old’ and they offer elaborate tours at their Black Friar’s distillery located in Plymouth, England.

Plymouth Gin is an easy favorite once you catch a taste. It’s as versatile as gin gets – it practically goes with everything and suits every occasion. One fantastic addition to your drinks cabinet.

The Plymouth Gin
The Plymouth Gin

A story apart

The Plymouth Gin is distilled in the same premises at the Barbican in Plymouth since 1793. The production facility, the Plymouth Gin Distillery, was built in 1431 and is believed to have once been a monastery of the Dominican Order. For this reason, it is traditionally known as the Black Friars Distillery, and this name appears embossed on the gin bottles. You can get a virtual tour of the distillery online.

This Gin was the only spirit made in England and one of only three gins in the world to carry a geographical indication certifying its traditional origin. They set themselves apart with a brand story of ecological conservation. The brand is closely connected to the conservation of the ocean and this identity sure does a lot to make it appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

The Plymouth Gin 
The Plymouth gin and tonic
The Plymouth Gin is associated with the Ocean Conservation Trust to save the oceans.

Getting a taste

Distinguishing gin tastes is tricky business. Personally, I always drink the first small sip neat. And then I try them with tonic. As for Plymouth gin and tonic, I’m partial to citrus, especially grapefruit and lemon! The Tassoni Tonic by @cedratatassoni supports the citrus note. And the @mistelhain Signature Tonic helps to achieve more of a Mediterranean note. You can also exeriment with herbs that suit your own taste instead of citrus. The Plymouth Gin agrees well with experimentation.

What do I taste in here? The bouquet smells intensely of juniper berries and citrus. In addition, there is a slightly earthy note that, together with the previous aromas, creates a slight sweetness.

The taste is also dominated – as it should be – by the juniper note with fruity facets. There are not only lemon notes, but other citrus fruits that everyone must discover for themselves. One also recognizes the earthy flavors that give the body a full-bodied and slightly spicy character, albeit rather late. The higher alcohol content enhances the aroma of this gin without being distracting.

It’s only during the finish that the alcohol reveals its power, ending the long, juniper notes and slightly sweet finish, with a peppery finish that warms the body.

Take advantage of versatility

The Plymouth Gin, as mentioned before, goes well with practically everything. There are a number of prescribed receipes that you can try it out with, including Plymouth Gin cocktails. Checkout the Plymouth Gin on the Ginferno Mobile app for all the best recipes.

We all love a good story

Plymouth gin is a grand old story. The brand speaks for itself, as does the gin’s taste and its range with experimentation. Not only does it deliver the expectations we can have from it as a beverage, it also does well to play a part in the bigger story of the world – by associating itself with conservation. Plymouth gin sets the standards high as it understands its niche best and sets itself apart. Like they claim, there really is no better place to start than Plymouth.

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