Karina’s Gin Of The Week: Woodland Pink Gin

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Gin of the week | 0 comments

Woodland Pink Gin

Autumn is here and with it many colorful leaves.🍁🍂
Lots of work for me 🍃🍂 but after gardening, I treat myself to a gin and tonic.

The Woodland Pink Gin is my preferred choice with its bright pink color.

The Gin is from the German region called Sauerland. The classic Sauerland botanicals are joined by raspberries, currants, elderflower and pink grapefruit.

The Pink Gin looks amazing. No coloring or additives are used to create this bright color. 😍

The nosing is citrus notes and raspberries. It doesn’t have a sweet taste as the color suggests, the taste is rather slightly “woody” with notes of raspberries, citrus and elderberry.

I’m enjoying the Woodland Pink Gin today with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and raspberries. The Medi-Tonic supports the woody notes. But I could also very well imagine an FT Aromatic Tonic or a TH Pink Grapefruit.

Have a great weekend everyone