Frank’s Gin Of The Week: Zing 72

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 Zing 72

Today we have another great bottle to admire, the Zing 72 Botanical Gin.

Zing 72 comes from the South of France, more precisely from the Provence.
The base alcohol is made from winter wheat, plus juniper and 6 fresh botanicals from the region; chamomile, lavender, lemon, thyme, rosemary and blueberries.
The bottle design is inspired by the small copper still where Zing 72 is distilled. The name reflects the length of the maceration, which lasts 72 hours.

But now to the contents 😊
The juniper is very dominant on the nose, followed by a light berry note. Enjoyd neat, the juniper is again in the foreground. But here the lemon also stands out and then the herbal note.

For my gin and tonic today, I chose the Thomas Henry Bontanical Tonic. With a lime zest and rosemary, the tonic perfectly supports the tart herbal notes. Very tasty.
Why don’t you post your favourite blend in the, like I did, and inspire all the other users with it.

Have a great start to the weekend!

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