Harry’s Gin Of The Week: Gin Sul

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Gin Sul (Hamburg, Germany) 43%

I came across GIN Sul almost 6 years ago. I was asked to update the gin selection in the bar I was working at that time. GIN Sul was one of the new gins. Guess what.. as a responsible barkeeper I had to test many different gins. GIN Sul did stick out, but you might ask why. Well, if I would make my own gin, that’s how it would taste like: Fresh and an amazing citrus taste due to the Portuguese lemons.

At that time we had a ritual at the bar. The staff used to get together and drink one Mongino Sul: 3 cl Gin, 2cl Mondino, 15 cl Fever-Tree Ginger Ale and lots of ice. It turned out that we only used GIN Sul. That’s why until today, GIN Sul is a MUST HAVE in my house bar.

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