Holly’s Gin Of The Week: Xoriguer Mahon Gin

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Xoriguer Mahon Gin

On holiday in Mallorca a few years ago, I was lying on the beach and thinking about a smartphone app that would show me all the gins to try in the country. Preferably with a recommendation for the right tonic. And if it tasted good, I’d like to make a note of the gin on a wish list right away – and my tasted Perfect Serve as well.

So I stumbled across the Xoriguer Mahon Gin and a bottle of Thomas Henry in the supermarket. At 38 degrees in the shade and two glasses later, it was clear: the gin is insanely good. Summer, sun, beach. Even now in wintry April. And in the lockdown. One big glass of it and I’m back on holiday.

What was missing back then? The right app to find out everything about this gin. To find the right perfect serve. And to save the gin on my wish list. Well, fortunately there is one now. With the GINferno app. And I can remember all my Perfect Serves at any time. What’s missing now? A holiday! But luckily I can mix it in a glass 🙂

Try Xoriguer Mahon Gin now – https://web.ginferno.app/gin/xoriguer-mahon-gin

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