Jens’ Gin Of The Week – 5020 London Dry Gin

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5020 London Dry Gin

We guys from GINferno are at the GIN&FOOD FESTIVAL in Mondsee, Austria right now.
Right next to the hometown of my GIN OF THE WEEK: 5020 London Dry Gin.

The GIN&FOOD FESTIVAL is totally exciting. We talk to like-minded people who are just as convinced and crazy as we are. And that’s where these connections and discoveries come from, like with 5020 London Dry Gin.

The Perfect Serve in the video was conjured up for us in the glass by the boss and master himself – spontaneously and professionally! Garnished with a piece of grapefruit and the RedBull Organics Tonic Water – if the boss himself enjoys his work so, this is the best recommendation for all GIN connoisseurs and GINferno.APP fans!

We wish everyone at the festival and around the world a great weekend and even more discoveries – especially with our favorite topic Gin & Tonic.

Try this Gin now –

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