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Čoh Gin – London Dry Gin

It is a very good week to introduce and taste a new gin in the GINferno.APP and to taste it.
First, Easter is just around the corner and secondly follows shortly after the long ear with gift basket a GINferno Gintasting with just this Coh Gin in the lineup. Sufficient reason, therefore, for an extensive tasting of this tasty drop from Slovenia.

In the first olfactory sample, the Coh Gin reminds me of a brandy product, which we also know from the also known from the countries of Europe located to the east of Germany.

Immediately thereafter, the taste buds of the tongue come into and then the juniper comes to the fore very clearly.

The Perfect Serve from the GINferno.APP recommends a Aromatic Tonic Water in a duet with bitter lemon. Unfortunately, this has tonight my domestic equipment not in the program. Therefore, I have opted for the Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic. The result was a mega tasty gin and tonic. My test companion as well as I, we were torn at the first impression.

What category of flavor do we put this in now? First impression was fruity. Then continue to breathe and the further development on the palate then went in the herbal direction. And then when we added the slice of lemon, it stayed with the herbal direction with a fine citrus finish!

I will now enter my Perfect Serve in the GINferno.APP and then I look forward to the tasting – because I can try other Combinations try!!!

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