Jens´ Gin Of The Week – Gin la vita é bella

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Gin la vita é bella

It’s a summer day, nice weather, pleasant temperature from 27 to 30 degrees. This is the best environment for summer gin enjoyment.

However, one of my traditions has fallen precisely on these days, where the weather is secondary. However, the gin enjoyment still fits.
With good friends we celebrate a good old LAN party. There are two things my friends and I have in common. It’s about gaming and it’s about the enjoyment of one or the other Gin & Tonic.
At the end of some game rounds you can read the letters GG in the chat. The meaning is good game. Great gin fits just as well.

Let’s get back to the weather. On a summer day like this, Gin la vita é bella fits perfectly in the glass. The southern, Mediterranean character makes you feel like you’re on vacation and relaxing.
As a refreshment at a room temperature of 36 degrees at the LAN party, there can be nothing better.

The Perfect Serve from the GINferno app tastes refreshingly lemony with Thomas Henry Tonic Water.

So then in this sense *GG*

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