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HeuGin London Dry Gin

I came to my Gin Of The Week, which I will present to you today – HeuGin London Dry Gin – in two ways.

Firstly, HeuGin London Dry Gin was on the digital drinks menu in the GINferno.APP at the GINferno Spring Gintasting. So on this evening I had the opportunity to try and taste many combinations of mixers and garnishes with this London Dry Gin. With the choice of different tonic waters, many delicious facets of the Gin can be highlighted.
The HeuGin London Dry Gin finds taste harmony with GOLDBERG & Sons Mediterranean Tonic and with the two Tonic Waters from Mistelhain. Mistelhain’s DAS TONIC Signature or Ambition Tonic Water.
For those who like to underline it a little fruity, a blueberry is an idea.

On the other hand, during a morning round with our ridgeback lady at a pleasant 14 degrees at 6.30 a.m., that wonderful smell of fresh hay, one night after the cut, hit my nose.
At moments like this, something clicked in my mind and the link to a gin & tonic with HayGin London Dry Gin was there.

Jens’ GIN OF THE WEEK could only be one this time: HeuGin London Dry Gin

Try this Gin now –

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