Jens’ Gin Of The Week – Master’s London Dry Gin

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Master’s London Dry Gin

This week, a unit of MASTER’S London Dry Gin hit my net. It happened very quickly that I decided to grace the GIN OF THE WEEK with it.

I treated my nose to the first encounter after opening the bottle. The smell of a determining citrus note immediately shapes an image of Spain in connection with the summer weather.

It’s warm – almost hot – a light breeze brings pleasant cooling. The glass in your hand fogs up on the outside, because of the iced Gin & Tonic Cocktail inside. Then, with the first sip through the glass straw, the completed image burns itself into our perception as a work of art. The nose hears aromas of oranges and lemons, tongue and palate delight in restrained juniper, cardamom and coriander.

JENS’ GIN OF THE WEEK: MASTER’S London Dry Gin is a delicate, light and very digestible gin. It finds harmony best with a light tonic water, in my opinion. I combined my versions with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic Water. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the garnish with a lime zest from the GINferno.APP – my fruit basket wasn’t well-stocked enough.

Is your next trip to Spain? Maybe even to Barcelona directly? Then I have a program item for you: The Destilerias MG, the producer of Master`s Gin, is located in Barcelona and thus right on the pulse of a vibrant nightlife. No wonder that Master`s Gin has become an integral part of Spanish bars and clubs.

It is probably like so often: The good is so close! I wish you a lot of pleasure, full taste and beautiful evenings with JENS’ GIN OF THE WEEK: MASTER’S London Dry Gin.

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