Jens’ Gin Of The Week: RASPMARY Gin – RASPerry meets RoseMARY

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It is with the greatest pleasure and expectation that we welcome RASPMARY Gin as Gin Of The Week. Thankfully, I was allowed to taste a sample in advance and have created a small test arrangement for this purpose.

The first taste should of course be direct, without influence and pure. With the nose, the raspberry is very clearly present. On the tongue, the raspberry is just as noticeable – the expected sharpness of the 43% vol. is absent. Without burning, the drop finds its way to the connoisseur and spreads a pleasant warmth at the finish. An excellent start to my little tasting evening.

For the first serve, I created my own new recipe. Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water is used as the mixer. The result is a very fine gin & tonic long drink, which I personally describe as delicious and mild.

The evening continued with the recipe of RASPMARY Gin with Mistelhain’s DASTONIC Signature Tonic Water. And again I was surprised and delighted at how the choice of mixer influences the taste experience. In this combination, RASPMARY Gin suits me personally perfectly: mild, mellow and almost on the verge of sweetness.

I am delighted – we at GINferno are delighted – to have RASPMARY Gin in the line-up for the GINferno Gintasting in April 2023.

I now know what to expect and can only recommend everyone to have this gin in the bar.


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