JENS’ GIN OF THE WEEK – The Duke-Munich Dry Gin

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The Duke-Munich Dry Gin

Loosely based on the title of the, admittedly somewhat older, television series “A Duke Rarely Comes Alone”, we tried two recipes when tasting The Duke-Munich Dry Gin.

The first version we combined with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and a slice of lime. This combination is wonderfully refreshing with an extremely tasty citrus note. Ideal for what we all hope is ahead. A glorious summer with long evenings and balmy nights. We’ll be eating delicious food, enjoying the best drinks and all having a happy time together.

Variant two is based on the epithet of The Duke-Munich Dry Gin namely “Munich Gin”. We mixed ourselves a Munich Mule. Delicious Ginger Beer from The Duke itself with 4 cl The Duke – Munich Dry Gin and two slices of lime. The progression from the tip of the tongue across the palate until the sip slides down the esophagus is remarkable. Citrus freshness with a hint of spice from ginger are at the beginning. Once the sip is drunk, the ratio completely reverses. The citrus notes recede and the spiciness from the ginger remains present for a long time. A great taste experience and a very special change.

How do you prefer to drink your The Duke-Munich Dry Gin?
Or are you also a fan of Munich Mule?

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