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Tommys Craft Gin

What a fantastic summer we were able to experience in this year 2023. High and highest temperatures, Mediterranean vacation weather, wonderful summer evenings and balmy nights – for this Tommys Craft Gin was and is exactly the perfect gin for the summer.

Tommys Craft Gin gets a lively freshness from botanicals such as lemongrass, orange and apple. In wine we speak of the bouquet, nosing. Tommys Craft Gin brings the lightness of citrus and orange directly into our imagination.

Looking at the GINferno.APP, the first Perfect Serve – how could it be otherwise – inevitably goes into the combination with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. Garnished with a slice of an orange, the perfect gin and tonic for the upcoming late summer is created and ready.
Another recipe brings mint as a garnish, combined with Mistelhain’s DASTONIC Ambition Tonic Water we get a different flavor in the glass. It is always exciting how many different flavors can be created from one and the same gin.

I love the classic gin & tonic so I can’t help with gin cocktail recipes. But I’m sure you’ll find enough delicious inspirations on the WWW.
Feel free to write us your cocktail idea.


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