Jens’ Gin Of The Week – Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin

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Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin

The Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin comes from the region Kraichgau from the distillery Edelobstbrennerei Schleihauf!

It is a wonderful and tasty gin. Here, not only the stylish and exciting cartoon of the Böser Kater aka Bad Cat, but also the content convinces me completely. Especially the color of the gin is best prepared for a beautiful sunset drink.

Owner Adrian and cat Rüdiger are the human face and the velvet paw of “Böser Kater”. Rüdiger gave birth to the idea of uniting the love of gin and cats and naming the brand Böser Kater. As a small family manufactory from the Kraichgau region, Böser Kater has specialized in the production of high-quality spirits for more than 40 years.

The Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin is an exotic creation consisting of a fine vanilla note and a hint of fresh rhubarb. The focus is mainly on the vanilla and is therefore perfect to round off a special summer evening.

Even though Summer 2023 is in its last days, I went pure with Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin. I super liked that the vanilla and rhubarb lingered on the palate and tongue for a long time. The Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin therefore really stays in the perception of the connoisseur for a long time.

In addition to the Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin, there are the following gins from the distillery:

Böser Kater Gins

You can find all these gins with the matching serves on the as well as on the web version or in the App:

I would love to try the Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin with Thomas Henry Tonic Water. I think this would be the best choice as an opponent to the naturally sweetness of rhubarb also as vanilla.

In which cocktail would you like to drink the Böser Kater Rhabarber Vanilla Gin ?

On the homepage of the manufacturer you can find all gins and products:

You can also find the manufacturer on Instagram:


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