Karens Gin Of The Week: Amázzoni London Dry Gin

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Amázzoni London Dry Gin 42% ABW

While we were in Portugal we also used our time to check out local ginbars.

We found such a bar in Porto: @theginhouseporto
Don`t miss it when you are in Porto.

They have a selction of at least 300 gins. I decided to go with a Brazilian gin: Amázzoni Gin, a London Dry Gin. I was not able to take a good shot of the bottle, that`s why I have to thank @il_ginepraio_ that we can use their shot.

Check out their post, they also wrote a perfect review of this unique gin. I`m only revealing so much that it is made with local botanicals from the Amazonas.

Link to this Gin – https://web.ginferno.app/gin/am-zzoni-gin

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