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Benguela Diamonds Gin

Benguela Diamonds Gin with 45% alcohol – GINferno

I received a great package from our partner Liquid Director some time ago. In it was the Benguela Diamonds Gin with different variations to taste this one.

The Benguela Diamonds Gin exudes elegance and quality with every fiber. The royal blue label features gold letters and the likewise gold imprint of a diamond. On the bottle you will additionally find shades of blue in many different nuances, reminiscent of the sea and giving the Benguela Diamonds Gin a maritime touch already from the outside.

Exactly this association is also intended by the manufacturers, because this Gin is inspired by the west coast of South Africa. According to the manufacturers, it is even a declaration of love to this area. So it is not surprising that in addition to juniper and lemon peel, seaweed can also be found as a botanical in the gin. This ingredient gives a unique taste of salty seawater and a warm breeze that carries over the individual scents of the South Atlantic.

Immediately after opening the cork, we have a very pleasant juniper scent in the nose, which brings a great balance of floral and gently herbaceous appearance. This is accompanied by a complex aroma (probably seaweed) with an intense and appealing note.

The gin shows itself with its 45% vol. very pleasant on the tongue. The juniper comes out a little more than on the nose. The composition of floral and citrus notes comes out excellently. A slightly salty impression comes up and makes you think directly of the sea of South Africa. Overall, the gin is pleasantly dry.

You can find information about the Benguela Diamonds Gin on our website and app as well:
Benguela Diamonds Gin with 45% alcohol – GINferno

Benguela Diamonds Gin Cocktail Recipe

Take a look at the Instagram account or homepage of Benguela Diamonds. There you will find interesting and delicious cocktail recipes:

Or check out these two recipes from Liquid Director:

I decided today for the variant as a cocktail GIN & JUICE APÉRO.

Benguela Diamonds Gin Cocktail

In the cocktail with the Flawsome apple-rhubarb spritzer, the Benguela Diamonds Gin tastes fruity and very drinkable. I immediately treated myself to a second 🙂

Benguela Diamonds Gin Cocktail

I can highly recommend the Benguela Diamonds Gin and the packages from Liquid Director as well.

Have a great gin-time 😃

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