Karina’s Gin Of The Week: Generous Gin

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Generous Gin

Today the GINferno boys are taking a break and I’ll take the chance to introduce my favorite summer gin to you.

The Generous Gin caught my attention because of its awesome bottle design. I love beautiful bottles 😊
But I do not only love the exterior. I also like the gin. As soon as you open the bottle, the scent of jasmine, elderberry and citrus immediately fills your nose.
The generous tastes very floral on its own, but I rarely drink a gin neat.

I enjoyed the gin with Aqua Monaco Tonic Water, red pepper and basil during my trip to Croatia. Awesome combination! But I can also imagine it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean or a flowery tonic like a Goldberg Indian hibiscus, but unfortunately, that was not in my vacation luggage. 😉

I wish you a great start into the weekend, Tchin-tchin!

Try this Gin : https://web.ginferno.app/gin/generous-gin-original

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