Karina’s Gin Of The Week – Gin from ‘Bimmerle KG’

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Gin from ‘Bimmerle KG’

Can it be a little bigger?

3 liters of gin – that’s enough to make your heart beat faster 😍

Summer vacation

We were on the way home from our summer vacation this year. The car was thirsty and we were hungry, so we drove out near Salzburg and filled up the car. There was a Hofer next to the gas station and since we were also hungry, we went shopping at Hofer. The plan was to buy two pretzels and some cheese. We were already on our way to the checkout and then a huge bottle of gin caught my eye and it looked pretty too.

It’s not as if we don’t have enough gin at home, so the bottle stays on the shelf. We queue at the checkout and it’s almost our turn to pay, but then I have to run back and take the 3-liter bottle of gin with me. Otherwise, I would have been annoyed for ages.

The cashier looks at us a little puzzled, but it’s only 10 o’clock in the morning and apart from 3 liters of gin and our little snack, we haven’t bought anything. You don’t treat yourself to anything else🤣🤣

The gin itself is from the company Bimmerle KG, which also produces the very well-known and much-loved Needle Gin. It is a distilled dry gin with 37.5%.

I particularly like the design of the label. It looks like a work of art, or has a child run out of paint – just kidding. The colorful yet simple design is very appealing.

We haven’t opened the bottle yet. We’ll wait until we’re sitting together with several friends. So, let’s leave the taste for another time. Perhaps the bottle will only be opened on my next birthday and then tasted in various gin cocktails. I’ll let you know.

Until then, have a good week and see you soon.

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