Karina´s Gin Of The Week – Gin Rouge Mosel Dry Gin

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Gin Rouge Mosel Dry Gin

For this Gin of the week, I am drawn to the steep and sunny slopes of the terraced Moselle. That’s where the small, furry, and somewhat inconspicuous Prunus Persica, also known as the red vineyard peach, grows. This fruity aroma bomb meets a classic dry gin in Wajos’ Gin Rouge Mosel Dry Gin.

The Red Vineyard Peach is one of the most fascinating fruits the Central European region has to offer. He grows there on the mineral slate-rich slopes of the so-called terraced Moselle. The cultivation of the small and inconspicuous fruit is as complex as its harvest.

The tiny red wine captivates by its fruity fresh taste and a fine tartness. To obtain the distillate of the red vineyard peach, the fruit is first sorted by hand after harvesting and then the pits are separated from the pulp using a straining machine.

Finally, the fruit pulp is mixed with pure cultured yeasts and enzymes in fermentation tanks, thus converting the fructose into alcohol. The mash is finally distilled in the copper still. The result, under the watchful eye of Hubertus Vallendar, is the fruity, intense distillate of the Red Vineyard Peach.

But now to the gin itself:

The basis to the Gin Rouge Mosel Dry Gin is first of all a classic gin with ingredients such as juniper, grains of paradise, cubeb pepper, lemon peel and orange peel. The ingredients are macerated in neutral alcohol as usual and then distilled.

This classic base is finally enhanced with Red Vineyard Peach distillate. This gives the gin, with its spicy nuances, a wonderfully fruity appeal.

On the nose, I got a slightly sweet note from the red vineyard peach. Behind this hides a delicate touch of tart resinous juniper, which is additionally accompanied by refreshing citrus aromas.

In the mouth I taste a mild sweetness. The intense fruity aromas of red vineyard peach make the taste buds explode. The typical resinous hints of juniper are in the background of Gin Rouge but are noticeable alongside an interesting pepper spiciness.

The peach note in the mouth is truly fascinating. It is perfectly set off by the finely spicy nuances of the distillate.

Pure, the Gin Rouge Mosel Dry Gin is decidedly mild and fruity. On ice, the juniper note tickles out a bit. Today I enjoy the Gin Rouge with a Golderberg & Sons Tonic Water so that the sweetness is somewhat mitigated.

Since I have unfortunately no peach, today times actually without garnish. I can recommend the combination in any case.

I have only a small bottle at home, so I can no longer test a cocktail. On the site of the manufacturer, however, there is a huge selection of cocktail recipes for Gin Rouge Mosel Dry Gin. There everyone will find to every taste. https://www.wajos.de/blogs/drinks

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