Karina’s Gin Of The Week – Luz Gin

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Luz Gin

I’m craving a vacation and what would fit better than a gin from Lake Garda in Italy.

Luz Gin is distilled from 9 Trentino botanicals. Of course, olive, rosemary, sage, laurel, mint and lemon may not be missing here.
When I first open it, great herbal notes 🌱🌿 already come towards me, which makes me want more.
The first sip tastes wonderful mint and lemon 🍋.

Now I just have to decide on a tonic. Goldberg Tonic or rather Goldberg Mediterranean?

I treat myself to the Luz Gin with Goldberg Mediterranean Tonic Water and a lemon zest and am very pleased with the result.

The Mediterranean Tonic tickles even more herbal flavors out of the G&T and with lemon it just tastes like vacation to me.

Get well into the weekend and treat yourself to a delicious G&T to start well.

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