Karina’s Gin Of The Week – Mintis Blackcurrant Gin

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Mintis Blackcurrant Gin

It’s great bottle day again. 🤩
My gins at home usually have a striking bottle. So does the Mintis Blackcurrant Gin.

Mintis uses “Menta di Pancalieri”, a special mint from the small village of Pancalieri in Piedmont. Despite the pop colours, the gins contain no artificial flavours, colourings or added sugar.
Vacuum distillation and the best ingredients from the region ensure aromatic and fresh taste.
Mintis Blackcurrant Gin uses hand-picked Italian juniper and sun-ripened blackcurrants alongside Pancalieri mint. A wonderfully refreshing gin!

I enjoy the Mintis Gin today with blueberries and mini mint from my own garden. For the tonic, I choose Goldberg & Sons Mediterranean Tonic Water – i love it 😍.
A wonderfully refreshing gin & tonic that fits perfectly into the summer ☀️, but also tastes great in the cold season ❄️.

Do you also like to drink summer gins in winter?

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