Karina’s Gin Of The Week – Roku Gin

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About Roku Gin

The Roku Japanese Craft Gin combines exoticism and classicism in one gin. The special Japanese botanicals ensure that every sip becomes a trip to the island nation in the Pacific.

Roku Gin stands by its roots and shares them in the form of diverse aromas. The dominant yuzu note provides freshness.
On the nose, I notice fragrant hints of cherry blossom and green tea, complemented by a floral sweet note.
On the tongue, a little more classic at first with background juniper, transitioning into somewhat bitter and fruity tones. Green tea, yuzu and lemon lead into a spicy, slightly peppery and warm finish.
Finally, the spicy Sansho pepper provides a light, pleasant spiciness.

Complex, floral-spicy and bitter-warm finish with juniper present but moderately inserted.

Be it the floral note, citrus or tart pepper: with the help of different tonic waters, individual flavours can be accentuated and emphasised more strongly.

For tonic water, we recommend @goldbergsodas Yuzu Tonic with a slice of lemon so as not to overpower the gin.

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