Karina´s Gin Of The Week – The Ulmer Dry Gin

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Gin of the week | 0 comments

The Ulmer Dry Gin

Today a gin very close to us. From Ulm, to be precise.

The Ulmer Dry Gin is made from a mixture of malt and potato base. The lemony hop note, the sweetness of the malt and the spiciness of the ginger make this gin unique.

With a total of 8 botanicals and 42% alcohol, the Ulmer Ginger Gin is pleasantly soft on the nose and offers the necessary complexity for an exceptional taste experience.

I treat myself to the ginger gin with a Thomas Henry tonic and a slice of ginger by candlelight. Just the right thing in the current very cold weather – ginger is very healthy and good for the immune system 😉

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