Lubas Gin Of The Week: Gin Sul Dry and its dreamy story

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Gin Sul Dry comes from Portugal and is a must have in your cabinet

Today I would like to introduce you to a gin that I came across when I first started my gin experience. The Gin Sul Dry Gin! An intriguing name, isn’t it. It comes in an equally intriguing opaque bottle that doesn’t give out what’s inside. You have to try it yourself and understand how well it blends in with your mood. I’ll wager it blends well with any circumstance it is tried in.

Gin Sul Dry
Gin Sul Dry

The beautiful wild Costa Vicentina in South-West Portugal is home to the Gin Sul Dry, and you can say it comes from a rather appealing place of origin. It is distilled in the famous Hamburg’s distillery that is located almost 3000 kilometers away from Costa Vicentina, in Germany. The gin embodies the spirit of the places it comes from with its fresh and elegant nature, features relatable to the tourist destinations of South-Westrern Europe.

Getting a taste

Right from the first serve straight, the brilliant orange note of the Portuguese oranges from the Atlantic coast blew me away. Gin Sul Dry sets the expectations high as the brand claims to be distilled by hand in small batches with the best botanicals and Mediterranean Citrus. And it stands up to the expectations. The ingredients include Juniper berries, coriander, rosemary, peppers, lavender, cinnamon and fresh lemons from Portugal.

Its about quality

Gin Sul Dry ingredients
Best ingredients only!

Gin Sul Dry makes a statement that simple is beautiful. The brand claims that it is the quality of ingredients that matters more than the variety. A key ingredient are the lemons which grow in the western Algarve. They are usually as large as grapefruits, with an extremely thick peel and a lemony taste. There are also the best quality of organic junipers and fresh rosemary alongside honey, pine and eucalyptus that add to the fragrance. The included aromatic gum rockrose grown on the terrain of the cliffs of the Costa Vicentina are called the aroma of the south. There’s no second thought that Gin Sul Dry has amongst the best ingredient list among gins.

Read more about the ingredients here.

While trying out, I also chose the orange zest as a garnish and rounded it off with the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
One of my top-rated gins in the GINferno.App right from the start!

Carefully distilled

The Hamburg distillery where Gin Sul Dry is distilled has a unique feature – it has a copper still, a distillation setup, which can only hold 100 liters. This is a notably small quantity that allows the brand to focus on the smallest detail such as infusion of fragrances in the most detailed manner. With the combination of soft water and a carefully monitored distillation process, this gin is one that can claim to be hand crafted to perfection.

A beautiful story

Gin Sul
Where Gin Sul originates, image taken from website

The Hamburg ferries are a grand old tale in themselves. The gin brands from Portugal add to the tourist attraction of the country and enhance the full experience of touring it. Gin Sul is no exception. The packaging is very much the essence of the land – as the ‘Cacilheiro’ or ‘HADAG ferry’ adorns the Gin Sul bottle. You’ll know from the very go that this bottle holds the essence of nostalgia and something very specific that will connect you to where it comes from. And that’s what, I can state emphatically, sets it apart.

We love beverages that aren’t afraid to be different from the rest and offer a story alongside great taste. Gin Sul Dry must make it to your cabinet for both reasons.

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