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Acqueverdi Gin – from La Valdôtaine Distillery, Saint-Marcel in the

Aosta Valley, North Italy

Another week passed… and another gin to be introduced…

2km away from the distillery there is the Acqueverdi spring. This spring has a special mineral content which give the water a light and bright blue color and the stones around the spring are covered by these minerals and look like bright emeralds. So you know where the name and the mineral taste of the Acqueverdi Gin come from.

Acqueverdi Gin on GInferno

Combined with the local herbs and juniper of the Aosta valley and other well selected botanicals the Acqueverdi Gin is created. The gin has as strong juniper note but combined with all the other botanicals and herbs the result is a very smooth but classic gin. You do not even taste the medium strength of 43% and therefore I recommend to enjoy it straight on ice or paired with an Indian tonic and a lemon, or other citrus zests. A few juniper berry’s on top complete the perfect serve.


I was able to taste the Acqueverdi Gin after a great hiking tour in the “Montagne di Carta” tea salon in Cogna, Aosta Area, Italy.

Montagne di Carta

Beside a huge selection on teas, they also have several products of the La Valdôtaine product portfolio. A really nice place to have a rest. What great end of a wonderful tour!

La Valdôtaine product

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