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Löwen Green Gin – Distilled Gin / New Western Gin

Löwen Green Gin – Distilled Gin / New Western Gin

Another week passed… and another gin to be introduce…

Today I present you the Löwen Green Gin of the “Bergbrennerei Löwen” / “Mountain Distillery Löwen”.

The botanicals for the green gin grow and thrive on unfertilized lean meadows above 1,000 meters above sea level. The steep meadows are laboriously hand-mown once a year. The batch of hand-picked hay flowers is then carefully distilled in the mountain distillery. The result is a great gin with soft and flowery notes where you can smell and taste the beauty of the alps.

Enjoy it neat or as a classic Gin & Tonic or even better with a floral tonic (elderflower, etc.).

You want to try something special? Then go on with a “Green Hugo”
– 4 cl Löwen Green Gin
– 2 cl Löwen Summer Mint Liquor
– 2 cl Elderflower Sirup
– 12 cl Soda water served with ice and a small herb branch!

Enjoy this perfect summer cocktail!

Not only the gin is special! All Löwen Gins are filled in a mouth-blown bottle, which is packed in a high-quality gift box like Whisky. When you keep the bottle in your hands you will be absolutely surprised as the riffle/corrugation aren’t at the outside of the bottle… they are in the bottle.

Löwen Green Gin
Löwen Gin’s distinctive collection

The “Bergbrennerei Löwen” / “Mountain Distillery Löwen” is located in Au in Austria.
Au is very close to the famous skiing resorts Melau/Damüls, Diedamskopf, Warth-Schröcken and Arlberg. So don’t forget to visit the distillery on your next skiing or hiking trip! It’s really worth to spent some time there like we did last autumn. Here are some impressions:

Mountain Distillery Löwen
Mountain Distillery Löwen
Mountain Distillery Löwen
Mountain Distillery Löwen

Beside the described Löwen Green Gin the portfolio also includes the

– Löwen Dry Gin, London Dry Gin

– Löwen Wood Gin, Barrel Aged Gin

– Löwen Leo Nobile, Saffron Gin

– Löwen gin Aurum, special edition limited to 9 bottles!

Löwen Gins

Try this Gin now –
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